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Mar 18, 2011

About FightLazy

No, it's not "cool" to say "I'm too lazy to do...." as if you don't have a care in the world
it's not even funny anymore.

So today I created FightLazy & the Logo as a reminder
Basically just coz I'm lazy, I mean, chronic lazy and I want to change.

Why "Fight Lazy" ?
because "FightLaziness" is too long to type
wait, is that an oxymoron ?
since I'll be tweeting in twitter, FightLaziness is too l ong as a username in twitter
@FightLazy is better
so Fight Lazy it is :)

Why "Fight" it?
because for chronic lazy person like me,
I can't just stop being lazy or say no to lazy
If I just say no to it, then instead of actually doing what I'm supposed to do, I'd do something else as long as i'm not idle
So, I need to fight it and force myself to do what I'm supposed to do, doing it in full awareness and without being burdened or pressured of course.

So, I'm fighting laziness and I will post encouraging words/advice to fight laziness
and I will also tweet them @FightLazy
Point is, I'm gonna start doing little things and those little things will make me stop being lazy, consistently, because I was, consistently lazy, so I'm going to be consistently not lazy, get it ?

yea I've got motivation and dreams and goals and etc etc, and I get super excited planning em and I spend times day-dreaming of my success, but as soon as I have to start to act, I get very lazy, finding excuses, finding other things to do, procrastinate, basically, I'll try to get out of what I'm supposed to do.
It makes me feel guilty, of course, but I'm just too lazy, like I said, Chronic.
And lazy is just not about being lazy, it's so much more than that, you'll never get anywhere by being lazy, and it affects the whole aspect of your life, lazy is like the doorway to doom, but that's for another discussion.

So there I was, NOT living, NOT achieving, BORED, STAGNANT, NOT happy, NOT proud, wasting my time and my life and my talents because I WAS LAZY.
Sounds familiar ?

I'm ready to change.
I want to be NOT lazy,
I want to be CONSISTENTLY DILIGENT, HARDWORKING and I will ENJOY each moment because I have my MOTIVATION, DREAMS and I have the SUPPORT from you, you, and you.
and because friendly advice, motivation books, don't help me at all, and because I'm so easily distracted by TV and good movies and DVDs and I don't have any self control.
I'm going to FORCE myself to be DILIGENT
*tadaaaaaaaaa* ;p
I Promise myself this and I'm going to keep my promises

How ?
Resist the Temptations & the Distractions (TV, Going out, etc)
You need Discipline and Commitment
and Balance of course

Sometimes we postpone Doing our work because we're kinda scared.
- Scared that we might not be able to handle the actual process of doing our work,
because doing the work seems difficult, boring, lonely, tiring, etc
- Scared of not being able to pull it off, What if we fail ?
- Overwhelmed by the massive amount of work n you think "I'm never going to finish"

Don't let the :
- amount of time, sometimes alone
- amount of work
- difficulty of the work
stops you from Doing
Don't let the fear scares you off
Don't Run away and search for excuses to procrastinate
You can do them
Say it ..... "Yes I Can"

Start small
I will start by doing simple acts like : forcing myself to get out of bed at 6am, going to the kitchen to prepare a healthier meal, work out in front of the TV, etc and although I will force myself to do them, I will not feel "burdened" or "pressured" while doing them, I will do them wholeheartedly and I will probably have fun even :) I know I will, the hard part is just the beginning, usually when I force myself to do what I'm supposed to do, I end up being in the "zone" and enjoy the whole process, so.... I'm giving myself a kick in the butt to make me start my life.

and when you're about to start doing things,
That's when "LAZY" kicks in
So......... This is what you must do :
Don't be discouraged of the amount of work, the amount of time, you're going to put into
Don't afraid of failing without even starting
Don't make up excuses to procrastinate
Just fight it and take the first step
Jump right in and Be in the "zone"

and because
I like to do things with others so we can encourage each other,
for example, at the gym, at walking my dogs, at swimming, etc.
I just like having someone with me,
maybe that's my competitive side kicking in.
"Hey if he/she can do that, I shud be able to do that to, maybe even better"
okay whatever.....

I will also tweet my "tiny accomplishments" in twitter
(besides encouragement words to motivate againts laziness)
and I'll add #fightlazy so everyone can check em out
actually, this is more for me, so if people are willing to join in and become motivated because of this, I'm glad :)
If not and I'll be the only person tweeting away with no reader, no follower, at least I'll end up being a consistently diligent accomplished happy person.
So it's a win win :D

and I'll write some of my thoughts on fighting laziness bla bla bla
(I'm not a professional writer, tho, so..... mwahahahahahaha, what ?)
or I'll link useful info, etc
and I'll put them all in the "Articles" archive

Feel free to add the "Fight Lazy" banner to your blog / website
and link it here so others can get motivated too

Life begins now :)
Have Fun !!

networkofpies at gmail dot com

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