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Mar 30, 2011

What do you need to fight Laziness ?

First you need the "Fire"

Remember that feeling within you when you were a kid ?
When you have something exciting planned, The first thing you do when you wake up, you just jump out of bed in excitement and you can't wait to go for it.
Remember the rush, the anticipation, the passion, the happiness, the drive, the will, the "Fire" ?
Well, we're gonna put that right back in you.
Use this reminder and feel it....
If you don't feel it yet, know that the "fire" is still within you.
So.... "feel" it

you do whatever it is you gotta do.
How ?
by fighting laziness, you kick it in the butt and you force yourself to do
That's the only way.

Okay, you know how you don't like being told what to do ?
The more someone tells you to do something, the more you won't do it ?
Well, "Lazy" here is telling you to be lazy !!
You are being told to be lazy, you are being dictated to be lazy.
What ??? and you listen to that ??
Fight Lazy-ness !!!
Fight it !!!

If you don't want to start now, you'll never achieve anything in your life
Last chance

Light that "Fire" within you,
Remember, you also need Discipline
and Balance (so you don't get burnt, be smart, take care of yourself)

Fight your Laziness

and you're closer to your dreams than ever before.

Good luck :)

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